Portronics POR-013 Konnect-Trio 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Cable (Grey) 0.4 m Lightning Cable (Compatible with Android & iOS Smartphones, Grey, Sync and Charge Cable)

POR-013 Konnect-Trio 3-in-1 Multi-Functional Cable (Grey)
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Konnect Trio 3-in-1 cable brings in a new, This multi-functional cable can generate the power output of 3.0 A and is integrated with lightning and type c technology which provides a high speed charging experience with a high quality power delivery in minutes. As the device is mainly designed for charging and does not offer data transfer, therefore, it adds on to its productivity and reliability. innovative and quality charging experience to the user with the high functionality of charging multiples devices conveniently at the same time while traveling, at home or at office. This product is equipped with USB Data Cable, Charging Cable and Type C Connector compatible with almost any device and is specifically designed and dedicated for charging and offers no data synchronization. Portronics is always committed to delivering high quality products with remarkable features to our customers. Therefore, this new multifaceted, portable and resourceful product brings you a fast, reliable and handy source of lightning fast charging on the go. This single premium charging cable is uniquely integrated with three interchangeable connectors which save the user the daily trouble of messed and entangled cables. The lightning cable connector is an Apple proprietary computer bus and power connector which is compact and can be inserted with either side facing up to host several devices. The USB-C cables are electronically marked cables with full featured power delivery with enhanced super speed. The Micro USB connects is perfect for charging micro USB device with any USB port and can be used with cell phones, PDAs, eBooks, Digital Cameras and so much more.
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